APEXi DIN 3 Meter - Anzeige

APEXi DIN 3 Meter - Anzeige

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APEXi DIN 3 Meter

JAPSPEED proudly introduces the New Apexi DIN3 Meter which consists of Oil Temperature, Water Temperature and Oil Pressure gauges


  • Complete parts
  • Meter main body
  • Sensor unit
  • Temperature sensor 2 and temperature sensor harness (2.5m)
  • Pressure sensor 1 and pressure sensor harness (2.5m)
  • Various connected harness

Optional parts

  • Temperature sensor extension harness 3m code 49B-A027


  • DIN 3 meter Size
  • Beautiful display with visibility of analog sense and accuracy by digital, numeric display by using layer display tube
  • Full Color LED
  • It is possible to install in the center part of each meter of a full-color LED indicator
  • Equipped with warning function
  • The peak holding function is installed.
  • Lighting/non-lighting of every Meter can each display function with various settings

It proposes a new dimension of the meter with an intuitive reading under running by the visibility of an analog sense, accuracy by a digital, numeric display, and the LED display in the stereo display that Bi-Planer VFD (two penetration type layers) and full-color LED weave.

  • Time base range
  • Temperature 1 30 - 197.5 C
  • Temperature 2 50 - 197.5 C
  • Pressure 0 - 10 x 100kpa

A full-color LED indicator is installed in the center part of each meter.

It equips with "Color gradation" function that the color of putting LED together changes into each numerical value, and an intuitive reading under running is possible.

  • Color gradation change color
  • Thermometer blue → green → yellow → Red
  • Pressure gauge green → yellow → Red
  • Equipped with warning function
  • Full-color LED will blink when it reaches the set warning value and we inform you of it.
  • It is possible to set the unit to a fixed color or it can be changed to your personal favorite color


APEXi DIN 3 Meter - Anzeige APEXi DIN 3 Meter - Anzeige APEXi DIN 3 Meter - Anzeige


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