JAPSPEED "Universal Exhaust Silencer" 100 / 110 / 114mm

JAPSPEED "Universal Exhaust Silencer" 100 / 110 / 114mm

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JAPSPEED "Universal Exhaust Silencer"  110mm oder 114mm
oder mit  100mm Durchmesser lieferbar!

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Our Db Killer / Baffle helps reduce exhaust noise without having to spend lots of time and money.  Stainless steel baffle ideal for both road and track use.

Easy to install as all you have to do is insert the baffle into the tail pipe / end section of your exhaust. Simply drill a hole in the end section of your system, and the bolt fixing helps secure the baffle in place. Made from stainless steel, giving it a long life as it is less likely to rust. Suitable for most Jap style exhausts.

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