CorkSport "Top Mount" Ladeluftkühler für Mazda MPS

CorkSport "Top Mount" Ladeluftkühler für Mazda MPS

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Art.Nr.: Gen-6-930-10


CorkSport TMIC Ladeluftkühler (Sandgestrahlt / Bead Blasted Finish) für Mazda 3 MPS BK / BL / 6 MPS /CX-7


 - optional mit neuer Verkleidung (Shroud) Aufpreis + 60,-- € (Bitte Mod. angeben!)

 - TÜV-Eintragung nach §21 erforderlich!


Der Corksport Top Mount Intercooler (TMIC) ersetzt den orig. Ladeluftkühler 1:1 und erlaubt wahlweise die Verwendung der orig. Motorverkleidung oder eines optionalen Alu-Rahmens (Shroud).

Durch das größere Kühlernetz und den geschweißten Aufbau ist der Corksport TMIC in der Lage Temperaturspitzen besser abzudämpfen und hat einen geringeren Druckverlust gegenüber dem Serienteil.

Besonders bei leistungsgesteigerten Motoren dringend empfohlen!


The CorkSport Top Mount Intercooler (TMIC) provides solid power gains and a great value add to the Mazdaspeed 3, MS6 and CX7 turbo. Made from CorkSport’s own custom cast end tanks which are TIG welded to a 3” thick bar and plate core, the TMIC provides added performance by removing the bottleneck restriction of the stock intercooler and increasing resistance to heat soak by using thicker materials. The cold pipe connection is CNC milled and drilled for a leak proof connection and all bolt holes have been capped off.


CorkSport’s innovative design allows for the reuse of the Mazda OEM plastic shroud giving purchasers the option of maintaining the stock look and feel to the engine bay. An optional aluminum shroud is available for maximum performance gains and can be customized to compliment the finish of your engine bay.


The CorkSport TMIC has been vigorously tested to ensure optimal characteristics. Testing completed on a SuperFlow test bench proved a 46% increase in airflow over the Mazda OEM intercooler. During the testing, the CorkSport TMIC showed an average decrease in pressure across the core by 53% and an increase in overall efficiency of 25% over the stock intercooler.


The CorkSport Advantage:


    Proven to provide 46% more airflow over the stock intercooler

    Cast aluminum end tanks provide superior airflow over competitors folded tanks

    Optional Aluminum Shroud For maximum performance and airflow

    Maintain your factory engine cover and keep the stock stealth

    Reduces pre-detonation (knock) of the fuel air charge

    Increased resistance to heat soak

    Bar and plate intercooler core for more power with less boost

    Fits the 2007- Mazdaspeed 3, 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed 6, 2010+ MPS


    *Please note due to the design of the factory hood scoop on the 2010+ Mazdaspeed 3 the hood scoop seal will rest on the rear intercooler end tank with the optional aluminum shroud.

    **Stock shroud molding may cause some fins to bend slightly. If you come across this issue, first of all, this will NOT affect performance or efficiency of your TMIC. The easiest and recommended way of removing the offending culprit is to trim the TMIC shroud. See Shroud Fitment Document for more details.



CorkSport CorkSport

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