CORKSPORT Drosselklappe "Performance Throttle Body" Mazda MPS

CORKSPORT Drosselklappe "Performance Throttle Body" Mazda MPS

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Art.Nr.: GEN-6-497-10


CORKSPORT Drosselklappe "Performance Throttle Body" für Mazda 3 & 6 MPS 2006-2013  MZR DISI

- komplette Drosselklappen-Einheit von CorkSport USA
- größerer Durchmesser von original 60mm auf 72mm für maximalen Flow / Luftdurchsatz mit der original Schraubbefestigung
- inkl. Montagezubehör und Silikonschlauch-Verbinder (wahlweise für TMIC oder FMIC)
- ohne TÜV-Zulassung!

By taking a ground-up approach we were able to succeed in making a throttle body that performs better than OE while retaining OE fitment and daily drivability. With easy installation and drop in fitment, you are sure to enjoy the gains from the CorkSport Throttle Body.

Instead of trying to enlarge an OE throttle body or adapting to a different vehicle’s throttle body to work, we started this project from the ground up. This gave us complete design freedom to make the best throttle body possible. The CorkSport Throttle Body uses 100% brand new parts. The body is an aluminum investment casting that was made precisely to our CAD optimized specifications. Coupled with new electronics that are based on the OE logic, the CS throttle body is truly a full OE replacement.

We have extensively tested the CorkSport Throttle Body and have found that it flows about 150CFM more than OE when the throttle body is 75% open (which is 100% accelerator). This is about a 33% increase over the stock throttle body. That is all well and good but what does it mean? In daily driving, we noticed better response with no CEL or choppiness. When testing for power on a midsize turbo (GT30 size), we primarily noticed that the turbo was spooling at a lower RPM. When we moved to a big turbo (GT35R or larger) we saw 100-200RPM lower spooling and an increase in midrange power.


CORKSPORT Drosselklappe CORKSPORT Drosselklappe CORKSPORT Drosselklappe CORKSPORT Drosselklappe

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