GFB "G-Force II" Ladedruck - Controller

GFB "G-Force II" Ladedruck - Controller

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Go Fast Bits (GFB) G-Force II Electronic Boost Controller

- Einer der besten Ladedruck-Controller der am Markt erhältlich ist zum erstaunlich günstigen Preis!!
- Boost Solenoid und komplettes Installationsmaterial ist im Lieferumfang mit enthalten
- Ladedruck bis 3.45 bar

  • Touch-Screen Bedienung
  • 6 verschiedene Farben für Hintergrundbeleuchtung
  • Ladedruckregelung bis zu 3,45 bar
  • 6 Boost-"Maps" möglich, individuell programmierbar
  • Real-time Ladedruckanzeige in Bar, PSI oder kPa
  • Real-time Unterduckanzeige
  • Overboost Protection Warnung



  • Wie schnell soll der Ladedruck aufgebaut werden (abhängig von der Leistung des Turbos)
  • Wie lange soll der Overboost gehalten werden
  • Maximaler Ladedruck = Ladedruck kann begrenzt werden

Electronic boost control with the GFB TMS touch!
High tech is not about extra dials and buttons, its about performance without the hassle including easier fitment, faster tuning and setup and a more functional user interface (that's computer speak for the bit you use to control it).

This G-Force is the most reliable and cost effective boost control device on the market
It has a more stable boost curve than “ball-and spring” types. It is a simple installation and works on almost any turbo-charged engine, petrol or diesel, internal or external wastegate. Also: it can be used in conjunction with factory boost control system, or stand-alone.

How about these features

• Controls boost pressures up to 50psi (ca. 3.5 bar): Class leading performance!

• Open or closed loop operation: Closed loop logic helps prevent boost variations that can occur in different gears, RPMranges and atmospheric conditions.

• 6 boost memories, all individually programmable: You can program a different boost pressure and rise rate for each gear, and select on-the-fly.

• Scramble boost with auxiliary remote switching: Program a timed boost increase for that extra edge when needed and remote button for activation.

• Remote trigger and button supplied as standard: Use the trigger wire to connect to other system triggers of use the supplied button.

• Spike-stop feature eliminates boost spiking: Helps tame boost spiking on troublesome turbocharger systems.

• Real-time boost gauge, displays in bar, psi or kPa: Choose the display units to suit your preference.

• High quality material! No plastic casings used in our products! The whole casing is CNC'ed from black anodized aluminium.

• Over-boost warning: User adjustable warning to indicate if the boost pressure is too high.

• Comprehensive fitting kit and instructions supplied in the kit.

Installation Instructions:


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